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Do I need a programmer to create a website from scratch? No. There are 1000s of templates that can be installed and customized so your site is unique and attractive without "recreating the wheel." Years ago, you'd hire a programmer to hand code and make every update, very costly. Now, you can save time and money using a template, update and publish your own content using a CMS such as WordPress. To install advanced functions, experience and knowledge helps to configure them to work properly; in some cases programming may be necessary.

Are you a programmer, can you do programming? No and Yes. A "programmer" is someone who creates your site from scratch, writing code. While I built sites this like using early HTML, sites today are heavily built on PHP and Javascript because it's more efficient, allows for complex functions, and works better on mobile devices. I have manually installed and edited both. Unless you are a corporation, need specialized functions, and your budget is $100k+, it's not necessary to hire someone to build your site from nothing.

I'm busy. Can you maintain and update my site? Yes. I can take care of updates and new content for you, write original material or make edits. CMS platforms do take time to learn, some are very complex. It´s more efficient to have someone with experience help you get started, install and setup your CSM site, customize, add images, videos and interactive functions. If you like, I can teach you how to update and publish content.

Can I do it all myself? Yes. While CMS platforms are complex and have a steep learning curve, WordPress is a good place for a simple portfolio site and blog, although it can also include advanced funcions and interaction, online stores, restaurants, real estate listings, B&Bs, and more. If you are technically inclined, or have time to learn, it's possible. Some hosting services offer web building tools and templates; Caveat - options can be limited (or by added fees) so check before you sign up.


Professional Servces, Life Coach and Therapist. Includes Blog to post encouraging and useful advice, share information, and form to schedule sessions. Mobile responsive. Launched Nov 2014.
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Professional Photographer. Image heavy portfolio and gallery site to feature photographer's work. Mobile responsive.
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Interactive Consumer Site Complex installation of interactive and functional components. Mobile responsive. [visit website]


Online Cosmetics Store. Mobile responsive multi-language online shop. Launched April 2014.
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NewAsha Studio. This site. jQuery image galleries. Mobile detection.

GoDaddy Webs

Highly recommended, trusted by NewAsha for years. Reliable, great customer service. Domains, website hosting, email, SSL Certificate and more.


  • Domains & Hosting. I can help setup your domain, recommend hosting to meet your needs, activate and publish your site.
  • SEO. I know the key components to optimize your site for search engines and improve rankings.
  • Mobile Responsive. I'll make sure your site works with mobile devices, smart phones and tablets.
  • Images & Video for Web. My extensive experience here will help maximize your visual impact.
  • Social Networking. I'll integrate your site with social networks to increase traffic.
  • Site Security. I'll implement measures to avoid spam, backup and protect your site and data.
  • Content and Copy-writing. Years of experience writing training material, technical documents, non-fiction, and creative work. I can help you write site content.
  • Years working with HTLM & HTML5. I understand code and can edit to customize. Began hand coding when HTML was developed.
  • CSS3. Editing style sheets for the creative look you want for your site.


Contributed to an online magazine
  • Installed and configured Joomla.
  • CSS3. Editing style sheets.
  • Configured modules for video and blog webezine.


Actress and Model Testimonial
Business Logo Redesign

"Thank you for the quick turnaround time. The logo 1 was my favorite one of all. I will be using it for custom business cards, stickers etc. Thanks again!" - V, Business Owner

Lookbook Retouches
"Thanks everything looks great. As usual, you do the best job in the world." - Eve, Fashion Designer
Author Testimonial Book Jacket Photo

Promotional Poster

"I printed out the poster, it's amazing thank you!"
- Segi, Owner

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