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Retouch Website Photos

Photo edit Customer Testimonial"Just wanted to take a moment to say thanks. My new website is up, and you made so many of the photos look so much better. Thank you for your amazing work! I'll be back in touch as I have other photos to retouch."
- M, Celbrity Ghost Writer, Reporter, and Author

Complex Recomposition of Wedding Photos

Photo Composite Client feedback"Absolutely amazing!!!! I cannot believe what you have achieved here. I am so grateful to you too, because we forgot to do these family shots at the wedding, and you have really solved our problem that before, could not have been solved, thanks again!" - Eve, Mother of the Groom

Merge Photos of Mom and Dad

"OMG!!! Thank you! I have tears in my eyes as I send this, Thank You, this is awesome!" - Katria, Student

Dynamic Photo Slideshow

"Everyone @ the party thought the DVD was soo awesome. I just want to thank you again and on behalf of my friend Rhonda who is going away and the whole party :)" - TF, Actress

Engagement Photo Edits

creative poster"Wow, we are very impressed. Thank you so much for your assistance. We are seriously amazed. I love that you gave us different options as well, we both have our favorites from the 4 you sent. I will definitely be giving you more business. " - Eric

Friends Photo Composite

"You do great work! Thanks very much for this. I will for sure use you again if I have a chance. Excellent work Daniel!" - Brad

Headshot Retouch

"These pictures came out great. I love the change you made to my headshot 2. Headshot 3 looks great as well. The new background for headshot 4 is much more easy on the eyes. Thank you so much for all that you did to the pictures." - Mike, Actor

Wedding Photos

Family Portrait"The pictures look great, thank you! The "Bride with Sons" is really great. I just made it my screen saver. It is amazing what can be done from bad photos. You have done an excellent job." -H, Bride

Lookbook Retouches

"Thanks so much Daniel, I'm so happy to have found you!"
- Jade, Fashion Designer

Son's Portrait Retouch Child's Portrait Testimonial

"Absolutely gorgeous. Once again, Daniel, great job. I can't wait to see everyone's reaction when I frame it. Thank you so much." - Diana

Corporate Portraits

"Excellent work! Happy to sign off as complete. I will be in touch soon about other jobs."
- Shawn, Entrepreneur

Wedding Photo Retouches

"You are so talented, these are beautiful!!! [On the gown photo], I love it!! It looks exactly like I wanted, Wedding Photo Retouch Commentvery natural.. I think we are all set! It has been such a pleasure working with you. You have made my wedding photos beautiful, I appreciate everything you have done for us." - Jessica, Newlywed

Book Editor Graphic Design FeedbackGraphic Design, Book Editing

"Thank you so much for designing my book cover, proofreading and editing my book, formulating my manuscript, and all the important suggestions you made. What a great job." - Leon, Author

Restore Girlfriend's Baby Photo

"Listen, what you did to fix the photo is amazing, it's perfect. I'm so happy with the work you have done, and at a very fair price. I'm sure i'll have other things in the future too. Very glad to have found you out there on the internet :)" - Chris

Family Portrait Retouch

Family Portrait"I am amazed!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I had noticed that my daughter was washed out, and can really see the difference in the changes you made. It is perfect! So thankful to have found you."
-Jen, Mother

Wedding Album Retouches

"Wow! I love them, you've made them look like professional pictures. I think the changes are beautiful. Thank you so much for fixing my hair and the dress wrinkles, unexpected changes that really make the shot look much better. I appreciate your attention to Wedding Photo Retouchdetail. Thank you for everything. I look forward to working with you in the future." - Lisa, Newlywed

Daughters' Holiday Photo

"You're amazing! We're having a tough time deciding which to use, they're all so beautiful. Thanks so very much again for all of this Daniel. I'm sure we'll be reaching out to you again." - Maria, mother

Retouch beach group photo

Photo Composite Client feedback"Great job! Perfect! We have a done deal and I thank you very much. I won't hesitate to use your services in the future." - Diana

Specialties Include...

Actor Headshop Retouch

Natural Looking Skin Tone Retouches

Remove winkles, blemishes, reduce shadows and improve appearance, retaining natural looking tone. Add and enhance makeup, add eye lashes and lip color.

Wedding Photo Composite

Composites and Group Images

Combine photos of friends and family to create composites and group shots that were missed at weddings and events.

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